In the public sector

Whether you are an association/foundation, a government-run institution and/or a health institution, a regional community or other type of business organisation, the experts at BAKER TILLY FRANCE assist you in the day-to-day and offer you tailored solutions for the optimal management of your business.

The member firms of BAKER TILLY FRANCE support you

  • Support of public policies: policy of monitoring cooperation
  • Certification of projects financed by European funds (ESF, ERDF) and INTERREG programmes
  • Operational assistance for the implementation of projects
  • Organisation, management and governance
  • Auditing and consulting: financial, social, economic, commercial, organisation, information systems
  • Statutory audit and contractual audit
  • Control of management: management of supplies
  • Internal auditing:
  • Mapping of risks/SOX
  • Establishment of a strategic and performance management control
  • Permanent monitoring of the internal audit system
  • Financial analysis: explanation of financial statements
  • Legal and tax consulting
  • Monitoring in the establishment of your obligations in relation to local communities


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Baker Tilly France has 38 offices located on 70 sites in France, countries of Francophone Africa and French overseas territories.

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