Expertise in labour affairs

The labour laws are complex and are frequently amended. Rely on a network of firms specialised in labour and HR strategy consulting which offer you support that is both relevant and personalised 

Administrative management of the staff's service  

Labour advice

Our legal experts are at your service to advise you, assist you or to offer consulting services, and complete or partial outsourcing

Payroll management

  • Electronic processing of payroll transfers
  • Valuation of working hours and absences
  • Preparation, management and archiving of payslips

Human resource management and staff service

  • Headhunting and recruitment of staff
  • Establishment of specific systems for assessing staff
  • Assessment and organisation of definition of job duties

Specific tasks

  • Implementation and optimisation of the reform on continuing education
  • Establishment of the PERCO (Collective Pension Savings Plan) - reminder: profit sharing and shareholding
  • Optimisation of social security charges, parafiscal, retirement and welfare insurance charges


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