The member firms of BAKER TILLY FRANCE arepartners of the company since its creation, not only in its development but also in the context of strategic, legal or financial restructuring.


The consulting and support tasks may form part of the other Expertise and Auditing tasks. They can also be part of the assistance provided to the contract owner during recast designs or in setting up information systems:

  • Acquisition audits
  • Legal and tax advice 
  • Support for change
  • Establishment of information systems

In the private sector

Our experts assist you and advise you in all phases of your development:

  • Assistance to the creator or the buyer
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Management advice
  • Due Diligence
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Internal auditing
  • Management of chang

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In the public sector

The experts at BAKER TILLY FRANCE assist you in the day-to-day and offer you tailored solutions for the optimum management of your structure.

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Our other advisory tasks

  • Support in the process of becoming ISO 26 000 certified
  • Establishment of information systems

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Baker Tilly France has 38 offices located on 70 sites in France, countries of Francophone Africa and French overseas territories.

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